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SEAN HANNITY (631) 673-8003

Kids Against Combs are on a crusade of sorts to expand the vapid minds of sleeping Americans everywhere via their bohemian meets hipster sound. On the bandís 11-track endeavor, they go so far as to title it after loathed right-wing talking head Sean Hannityís home phone number (printed here, but changed on future pressings to avoid lawsuits), truly embodying the revolutionary spirit of change through chaos. Musically, they also attempt to break barriers, throwing in cello, flute and electronic manipulations to subsidize their shoegaze meets lo-fi indie rock boot scoot. Sounding like a cross between The Cure, Cursive, and Bright Eyes with a dollop of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylanís Ď60s protest rock aura, this collective is aiming its grass roots campaign at a popular figure in hopes to (of course) garnish some exposure. However, in this bandís heartfelt diatribes about the decay of America, they seem a lot more concerned than your average guy in a rock band, so maybe Kids Against Combs attempt to alert and convert is more of an authentic outcry than a clever marketing ploy.
- Mike SOS