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From the Hammond organ intro on "Came Out of That Hole", Mark Latham sets a very free flowing tone that suggests good times are abound. In fact, Latham's everyman delivery and standard lyrics that tell of love both lost and found have got that back beat boogie that Bob Seger sings about in "Old Time Rock 'N' Roll". Latham, making good on the album's title, also wheels out some white boy rap a la Kid Rock in "Sugar" and the acoustically covered "Forgot About Dre" by Eminem. But wait, there's more, like the John Mayer meets Matchbox Twenty style tune to make the girls sway and the guys pay, as "All She Is" has the sincerity of Seal with the recently sensible sound of Sugar Ray. Mark Latham has seemingly traveled up and down the FM dial the last three years, creating a template for the pristinely produced 15-track collection that may just make him the radio friendly superstar he yearns to be.
- Mike SOS