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Apparently Texas schlock rockers Honky hit the bar as hard as they do their instruments, resulting in the 13-track tongue in cheek tour de force BALLS OUT INN. Fortified with the dirty grooves of Ted Nugent meeting ZZ Top at a Molly Hatchet concert, these songs of the South are profane reminders exalting the white trash way of life to every trailer park in the nation. Cuts like the swinging country fried stoner rock of “Trespassin’” and the B-3 organ led dirty dirge “Broken Days” display the kind of beer swillin’, hell raisin’ and ass kickin’ mindset that this trio share, creating an atmosphere where there’s sand on the floor, Conway Twitty on the jukebox, and blood on the walls. Careful enough to add some authentic badass blues-rock to their less than tactful subject matter, Honky is so un-P.C. it’s refreshing.
- Mike SOS