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Doing justice to the general attitude of hometown NYC, Pistola’s powerful seven-track release showcases an excursion of excellent musicianship, passionate performance, and unpretentious hard rock histrionics. There’s an impressive coating over the entire affair that yields a muscular yet bluesy tone, as songs like “Gone” evoke Concrete Blonde by way of Quicksand. Juxtaposing post-hardcore’s sonic firepower with a turbulent hard rock sensibility that bands like Rollins Band and Queens of the Stone Age employ, Pistola’s secret weapon is vocalist Patricia Gradin, a chanteuse that mixes the souls of PJ Harvey, Chrissy Hynde, and Robert Plant while the band’s caustic backdrop follows suit. Dramatic, dynamic, and enchanting, HOLD FOR BLISS is a hypnotic offering that oozes with coarse hard rock heroics.
- Mike SOS