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Eschewing the stigma attached to the types of music normally associated with emanating from their stomping grounds, Brooklyn, NY punk rock squad Foster Care righteously recreate the disenchanted and displaced atti-tude of punk rock from its gestation period on the quartet’s 12-track excursion vibe BAD CITY VIBE (“Psychedelic Scumbag”). Laden with a bevy of catchy songs performed unhinged and intentionally recorded as dirty as on those dusty vinyls and broken cassettes hidden back in the closet (“Don’t Make Me”), this crew gets high marks for paying homage to the punk rock four-count while vividly capturing the confrontational and out of control nature and pure adrenaline rush that punk rock is supposed to deliver. If you lost faith in what modern society considers punk, allow Foster Care to reaffirm your faith and instill hope for more bands like them to appear (“I Never Meant To”). -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS