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NYC metal quintet Martyrd have created a stunning blend of progressive and thrash on the 12-track offering THIS MORTAL COIL. Fortified with classic metal pretense and a forward-thinking sense of composition, this troupe dexterously teeters between breakneck thrash and soaring progressive metal with dazzling twin guitar work (“Pain of Reason”),galloping rhythms galore (“Avarice”), and a exemplary lead vocal that nails the wide range of emotion from somber and reflective to raucous and provocative on every track. Brilliantly bridging the gap between the raw volatility of Megadeth and the grandiose splendor of Dream Theater, Martyrd deliver their metallic hybrid of nastiness and precision with vintage aggression reminiscent of Metal Church with a brooding sense of darkness found in bands such as Nevermore to create an overwhelming listening experience for any traditional metal fan. - MikeSOS
- Mike SOS