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Boasting an impressive doom metal pedigree of the entire trio of Unearthly Trance and ex-Electric Wizard/ Ramesess member Tim Bagshaw on guitar, NYC-based quartet Serpentine Path trudges through familiarly nefarious realms from their past glories on their sinewy eight-track debut endeavor. Bursting with cavernous bottom end and draped in vintage death metal depravity (“Compendium of Suffering”), this seasoned squad unapologetically bludgeons ears with simple yet effective rounds of deliberate brute force, leaving little room for excess in their extreme slow and low onslaught (“Only a Monolith Remains”).Serving up a fiendish batch of fatigued funeral tempos, ghastly growling vocals, and dilapidated and downtuned bass and guitar reverberations (“Crotalus Horridus Horridus”) peppered with obligatory spooky samples about evil (“Arrows”), Serpentine Path punish listeners with stripped down sludge-laden oppression channeling misery and misanthropy with every methodical strike. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS