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On their 11th studio album, Master stick to their guns to administer another unsurprisingly old school death meets thrash metal meltdown. Charmingly relentless, ruthless, and repetitive (“Smile As Your Told”) , this veteran unit thrives on pounding listeners into the ground with a multitude of meat and potato extreme metal structures and vintage tricks and tones that have spearheaded their two-decade long rabid attack. Tracks like the Cannibal Corpse-esque “Redirect the Evil” and the venom-dripping neckbreaker “Rise Up and Fight” are just two examples of the battering ram style Master conjures up, consisting of a bottomless supply of mauling riffs, unhinged percussion, and sinewy snarls that staunchly screams the praises from the early days of depravity-driven heaviness. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS