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Oddball Portland, OR trio Ix smashes conventional musical thinking to bits with their self-described sound of “cosmoplasmic ear goop” on THE DEOMING PROCESS. This brazen six-track production’s unexpected composition twists and turns are jarring, ranging from slow burnt builds to off-kilter grooves to cathartic releases with varying degrees of heaviness that mainly venture through the progressive metal realm. This unit also exhibits a knack for creating spastic noise rock passages (“The Natural Multiplier (Blue Box)”) and reflective Neurosis-esque atmospheric movements with similar unorthodox flair, making the listening experience significantly more intriguing (“Understanding a Process”). Championing science fiction themes and left of center metallic influences from Fishbone to Voivod, Ix is an ambitious squad worth checking out if you enjoy space travel via your musical selections. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS