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Presenting a smorgasbord of crust, death, and d-beat, Usurpress follows up their recent EP with this 11 track full length offering entitled TRENCHES OF THE NETHERWORLD. Retaining the underground production values from yesteryear with their lo-fi and bastardized hybrid sound, this seasoned quartet comprised of extreme metal vets does a fine job of shifting dynamic from chaotic to doom-laden during the course of a song to create a spooky subterranean vibe (“The Wooden Sceptre”) yet still throw blasts of the bleakest and blackest primitive beats down with the best from the genre (“I Stand Above Time”). Satisfying a hankering for something vintage with a punk-tinged slant, Usurpress merge classic tones and a different perspective from the norm to create this destructive collection of metallic evil. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS