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Clinically sound and technically advanced death metal comes seeping from the speakers courtesy of newcomers Sophicide and the 11-track release PERDITION OF THE SUBLIME. Featuring ridiculous levels of musicianship with a tightly-wound production, the one man German mastermind Adam Lazslo makes it look easy, fusing neo-classical interludes (“Folie A Deux”) and explosive death metal brutality (“The Art of Atrocity”) at a ruthless pace. This record renders a remarkable display of death metal ingenuity with a supple array of fretboard gymnastic-led solos and killer guitar fills leading the attack. Boasting captivating songwriting, spirited vocal savagery, and dynamic and intriguing rhythmic blasts galore (“Freedom of Mind”) working in tandem to repeatedly run you over, Sophicide stands proud amongst peers by properly espousing death metal principles with a reverence towards the old guard and the desire to explore with the new league of forward thinking death metal warriors. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS