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Chicago quartet Jar’d Loose demonstrate a command of a variety of heavy styles on their eight-track release GOES TO PURGATORY. From gnawing punk hardcore grit (“Coming Like a Nightmare”) to Am Rep noise rock bombast to modern day infectious metalcore melodies (“Rotten Tooth”), this outfit pulls off fusing multiple genres together to create their own hellacious hybrid of anger and rage steeped in a left of center metallic onslaught channeling everything from Jesus Lizard to Every Time I Die to Cancer Bats pretty effortlessly. Scraping the filth and crud from bottom of the floor of the underground to comprise their bare bones tones (“Hell’s Mothers”), even though this troupe’s savagely simple and not so sweet musical approach deserves commendations, the secret weapon here are unquestionably the vocals. Coming at you from all angles without warning courtesy of frontman Eddie Gobbo and his polarizing high-pitched rabid bark, Gobbo serves a scratchy, snarling, and unbridled performance behind the microphone, boiling over with the kind of vitriolic nature that elicits instant reactions. If you dig raw, crass, and thunderous heaviness, Jar’d Loose will not disappoint. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS