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North Carolina band Hour of 13 admirably recreates the warm tones and occult vibe of Pentagram, St. Vitus and Mercyful Fate on the duo’s latest endeavor 333. This seven-track offering contains an abundance of syrupy riffs (“Lucky Bones”) and hazy rhythms (“Sea of Trees”) with a handful of surprisingly upbeat melodies (“Spiral Vacuum”) featuring an Ozzy-esque vocal warble that rivals the presence and projection from any of the singers of the aforementioned acts. Ardently sticking to a gloom and doom template crammed with creamy guitars and headbanging riffs leaving little room for derivation, Hour of 13 serve up a sound straight from 1979 that while far from original, proudly embodies the diabolical spirit and driving force necessary to make convincing reverences to the demons of the nether world. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS