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Brooklyn, NY quartet Heldin dole out doom-laden heart-wrenching metallic blues on their foundation shaking six-track album PROFUNGALACTIC. Featuring chameleon-esque chanteuse to shrieking vocals (“Going Solo”) and skillful Wurlitzer skills from Aubrey Smith over an ominous wall of rollicking rhythms masterfully captured by Seizures Palace Studios (Unsane, Made Out of Babies), this unit executes its strand of tough as nails left of center heaviness with a poignancy and raw power channeling the likes of Rollins Band (“Profungalactic”), Melvins, and Jucifer (“Love Song”). Sure to appeal to listeners acquainted with The Devil’s Blood, Witch Mountain, and Royal Thunder, Heldin demonstrates their downtrodden wares with a fine balance of noise metal aggression and haunting avant-garde swagger (“You Picked the Wrong Cow”) for ambitious ears to ravage. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS