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The City of Brotherly Love certainly produces its fair share of volatile musical groups and Heikousen is no exception as heard on the quartet’s offering entitled PARALLELS. Even though the band’s Mastodon and Botch influences are clearly apparent in all of the pummeling riffs, chest beating rhythms and bellicose vocals (courtesy of Rosetta bassist Dave Grossman) at the forefront of this adventurous batch of complex tunes (“The Gravel in Our Guts”), this 10-track affair is ambitiously stocked with sufficient slabs of unexpected acoustic guitar interludes (“Simulated Encounters With God”), masterful interplay between each instrument (“Like Whiskey at 11am”), and surprising stylistic twists and turns running throughout each carefully constructed track (“On Accidental, Purpose”), showcasing this crew’s dastardly assortment of both dexterity and hostility aimed towards the forward thinking hardcore fan to soak in and enjoy. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS