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Talk about a band that lives up to their name! Japanese thrash metal revivalists Fastkill have a voracious appetite for velocity as shown on the blistering 10-track, 30-minute excursion BESTIAL THRAHSING BULLDOZER. Nailing aesthetics from the late ‘80s underground from raw production values and inordinate amount of treble in the mix to a lead vocal whose dealbreaking banshee wails reach frequencies normally reserved for canines (“In Thrash We Trust”), Fastkill take the bare bones approach of speed, speed, and more speed to create a no frills thrash metal machine chock full of supercharged riffs (“Tortured Again”) and run off the rails rhythms (“Guillotine Attack”) summoning power from the likes of Exodus, Slayer and Nuclear Assault to conjure up a groundswell of vintage tones and savage tempos. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS