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On their eighth studio effort CARVED INTO STONE, NYC crossover pioneers Prong make a triumphant return to past trailblazing glories. This 11-track endeavor revisits the bludgeoning songwriting and modern explosiveness that made Prong such a unique metallic entity, sidestepping disappointing releases from the past decade to pick up with a batch strong compositions and gargantuan grooves (“Subtract”) straight from 1996’s RUDE AWAKENING. After manning the sideman guitar spot in both Ministry and Danzig, band founder Tommy Victor steps into the spotlight and shines here, spitting lyrics with his trademark sense of purpose snarl (“Path of Least Resistance”) while pounding out riffs after riff with both aggression and immediacy (“Best Serves Cold”, “List of Grievances”) while fresh blood courtesy of bassist Tony Campos (Static X) and Alexai Rodriguez (3 Inches of Blood) inject their vast experience into the classic industrial-tinged ultra heavy rhythmic paradigm this band helped to mold (“Living in Pain”). If you thought this band was yet another one of those bands content on resting on the laurels of their back catalog, CARVED INTO STONE emphatically proves otherwise. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS