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The Brooklyn, NY quartet Wrench are no strangers to the rigors of the rock ‘n roll world, as this squad has existed in one incarnation or another since the early 1990’s and count fellow Brooklynites Life of Agony, Type O Negative, and Biohazard as peers. Reforming after a lengthy hiatus, this unit unleashes their long-awaited 13-track album with a cavalcade of slamming grooves (“Hate and Disgust”) hard hitting rhythms (“The End is the Beginning”), and unmistakable NYC attitude (“Lies”) balancing out brutality with heavy melodies (“Waiting to Die”, “Hey Pain”). Dredging up a strain of sludgy hardcore metal that evokes comparisons to fellow Big Apple bands Unsane, Prong, and Helmet where disdain, disgust, and anger collide, Wrench provide an in your face and aggressive listening experience with the interminable spirit of New York burning bright. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS