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Featuring Mastodonís Bill Kelliher and Brutal Truthís Kevin Sharp in its ranks, Primate supplies a raging middle ground from the aforementioned dudeís main musical projects as heard on DRAW BACK A STUMP. This 10-track affair is actually a re-release with three new tracks and different mixes of older cuts with the addition of rhythm guitar into the mix, rounding out savage tones from both the band and Sharpís acerbic vocals to form a colossal and dangerous beast with a stellar stream of hardcore punk and grindcore tendencies. Providing a seething and straightforward nod to the glory days of DIY hardcore, Primate lives up to its name and delivers a raw and ruthless down and dirty fast-paced marathon of mayhem that fans of velocity-driven viciousness definitely need to pick up. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS