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Prepare yourself for the expected sludgy doom as well as the unexpected everything else emanating from your speakers courtesy of Thrones, the one-man machine, better known as Joe Preston, now bassist for High on Fire. On DAY LATE, DOLLAR SHORT, a wide array of synths and bass is what you’ll find being manipulated here, as the underground sounds ranging from the gas-huffing garage rock of Ultravox’s “Young Savage” to the stoner rock soufflé of “Nostos Algos” tend to bubble up here. Most of these tracks have been compiled from various releases spanning the last 12 years or so that Thrones had appeared on, and while they may make an uneven collection overall, each piece serves its purpose in documenting an avant-garde musician who likes it both unusual and heavy. Who else would pay homage to a little known children’s television theme with “Epicus Doomicus Bumpitus” on one track, then do a cover of Rush’s “Oracle” a few tracks later? Thrones would, as this project’s way undefined boundaries stretch out way beyond the normal imagination’s inner workings.
- Mike SOS