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Maryland underground metal maven Strong Intention began their onslaught in 1993, yet RAZORBLADE EXPRESS is the first release of any kind theyíve put out since 2003, Donít fret, folks; itís worth the wait, as this trio administers a smorgasbord of extreme metal styles from gut busting hardcore to blistering grindcore to ferocious metalcore with electrifying expedience, creating 6 undeniably savage tracks that run a little less than 10 minutes. Masterfully captured by Today is the Day mainman Steve Austin to give it an extra layer of nasty and featuring Eyehategod frontman Mike IX Williams on a few cuts to assist piling on the vocal pain, Strong Intention make an auspicious return to the scene with choice friends in tow and a renewed sense of brevity and brutality guiding the way. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS