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When rebellious musicians like Ben Weiman (Dillinger Escape Plan) have a hand in the mix of making your record, you can expect a large amount of discord and experimentation, which is what Boston quintet For Sleeping or Jumping wring out from their five-track endeavor DEAD LANGUAGES. Sharing a great deal of DEP’s unorthodox drop on a dime time signature switches with a general sense of alternative metal uneasiness permeating through (“Persia, The Dog”), this squad exhibits a barrage of hardcore muscle and noise metal quirkiness while slathering left of center nuances into their dense amalgamation of aggression (“Bone of Contention”), channeling everyone from Melvins to Helmet to Faith No More. Bold and ambitious, For Sleeping or Jumping possess brazen chops with an impressive sense of adaptability allowing the music to go into familiar realms with a fair amount of divergent twists to claim their very own. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS