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New Jersey metal merchants Thanatotic Desire link together 10 tracks of unadulterated metallic glory on DEATHWISH. Bursting with nasty nimble riffs, blood curdling screams, and thunderous vintage rhythms, this troupe merges classic metal virtuosity with modern strands of melodic thrash and death metal to comprise their combination of vicious gallops and soaring melodies straight from the scythe of the Reaper. Striking a middle ground between Megadeth, Three Inches of Blood, and Children of Bodom (“Knights of Nocturn”), this quartet doles out a pummeling blend of heaviness with startling reverence to melody and jaw dropping musicianship propelling their panic-fueled smorgasbord of revivalist heaviness, channeling thrash metal heroes and ace technical players along the way. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS