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Boston sextet Mellow Bravo tackles classic rock with engaging songwriting and gritty musical interplay on their eponymous sophomore effort. This 11-track affair features the group wandering in between a bevy of richly performed styles without fully choosing one to follow while piano, twin guitar, and prominent bass and drums provide the punch and bolsters the diverse smoky blues to melodic punk to wistful Americana to blue collar arena rock of yesteryear atmospheres found. Armed with deep vocal harmonies from both male and female perspectives, an undercurrent of metallic heaviness that never quite reaches the surface and an expandable musical versatility fostered by six musicians unclouded by classifications with an aim to make the best song possible, Mellow Bravo cross Guns N Roses, Clutch, Jackson Browne, and Avail and add their own classic rock inflections to make a captivating release full of passionately crafted rock n roll.
- Mike SOS