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Philm is an eclectic rock trio boasting legendary metal drummer Dave Lombardo in its ranks. Don’t expect anything close to the ferocity of Lombardo’s main band Slayer here though, as this troupe’s 15-track excursion opts to mash post-punk aggression with oddball bits of free form jazz and unorthodox instrumental jams, all while Lombardo bashes away on a modestly stripped down drum kit while his bandmates Pancho Tomaselli (War) on bass and singer/guitarist Gerry Nestler fall in and out between jagged riffing (“Mild”) and atmospheric sound shifting. Resonating the feel of an intense progressive rock session between longtime buddies thanks to raw home studio production values, Philm’s debut release allows the members of the band to break loose from their usual musical identities for a spell and experiment with an unhinged multifaceted heavy rock sound. -MikeSOS
- Mike SOS