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Known for building their frantic grindcore assault around a wide range of film dialogue from numerous action-adventure and sci-fi flicks, Graf Orlock change things up a bit on their latest four-track endeavor named after their hometown, LOS ANGELES. Focusing on one particular movie this time around (Michael Mann’s HEAT gets the treatment), the rambunctious trio sinks their caustic claws into the thespian musings of the likes of Pacino and DeNiro for musical inspiration and come up with yet another intensity-driven insanity-riddled rollercoaster ride of an album. Bursting with rapid-fire riffs, twisted screams, and blistering drums (“Quick on the Trigger”),Graf Orlock continues their streak of churning out a consistent stream of chaos while serving up the exhilarating feeling you get while experiencing a Hollywood summer blockbuster on the big screen for the first time on this 10 minute exercise in cinematically-fueled ferocity. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS