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Celebrating two decades of subterranean destruction with no signs of slowing down, Orange County, CA troupe Phobia blasts 18 tracks out in a little under the 20-minute mark on the grizzled grindcore squad’s latest venture REMNANTS OF FILTH. Blazing rhythmic speed, multi-ranged torturous vocals, and blistering riffs all come standard here, with a bonus of contagious choruses (“Resolution”), clever samples (“Got the Fear”), and nimble guitar runs (“Deaden to Believe”) churned out and directly burnt into the psyche so that this unit’s brand of brutal brevity is never forgotten (“Let it Go”). Propelled by a combination of unwavering aggression and succinct savagery, grind fans around the world now have another collection of tunes to rage out with courtesy of this dependable and devastating group. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS