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Hour of Penance are on a mission to destroy everything around them as audible on the Italian quartet’s latest nine track extreme metal salvo SEDITION. Equalized as loud as possible for maximum impact (“Ascension”), this tenured squad administers endless rounds of expedient metallic brutality on their latest polished and pristine recording. Sharing an obvious number of traits with the greats of the genre such as Deicide and Behemoth (“Sedition Through Scorn”), despite having easy to figure out influences, Hour of Penance puts forth a truly pulverizing effort while commandeering a blistering savagery that cannot be ignored (“Deprave to Redeem”). Whether this album is derivative or not is irrelevant; everything put forth in Hour of Penance’s path is steamrolled with a dominant death metal delivery that truly encompasses the characteristics of true disaster striking. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS