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Classic heavy metal with stoner rock inflections is the name of the game for Syracuse, NY quartet Stone Soul Foundation as heard on their 11-track offering ELECTRIC VALLEY. Starting their sound with ample amounts of Sabbath and Zeppelin while espousing Christian ideologies, this act produces a blues-driven, hard-hitting affair with big riffs, soulful vocals, and a jazzy rhythm section (“Electric Valley”) with the right mix of heavy and bouncy to emit those stoner rock vapors (“Ain’t No Mystery”). Radiating a warm and fat throwback sound that sounds like a beefier cross-pollination of Trouble, St. Vitus, and Pentagram while revealing a more tender side akin to Black Label Society at their softer moments (“Window”), Stone Soul Foundation unrepentantly dole out a gigantic hard rock sound with a thread of positive vibes emanating from their sharpened vintage chops (“Gonna Try”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS