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Veterans of the extreme metal scene, Singapore’s Impiety returns with RAVAGE AND CONQUER, an aptly titled eight-track offering that wholly explains what to expect from this unit now going two decades strong. The usual mayhem-inducing mix of shredding guitar solos and rapid fire drums are thrust into the forefront throughout most of this album, rendering the music a bludgeoning breakneck pace to give this prolific troupe’s output a blackened thrash feel that carries across the entire duration of this warmongering collection (“Weaponized”). Leaving little chance for a break in the action, Impiety champions the slash and burn style from the early days of speed metal with the intent to wreak havoc on the listener at every given opportunity, a feat successfully accomplished with the band’s trademarked vocal snarls, bombastic percussive presence, and over the top fretwork firmly in place (“The Scourge Majesty”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS