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Italian metal merchants Lahmia are astute observers of the melodic death metal genre as exhibited on the squad’s 10-track debut full-length INTO THE ABYSS. This quintet does an admirable job of meshing the dark wares of the likes of Dark Tranquility, early In Flames, and Moonspell to create a rousing take on melancholic heaviness (“Grinding Dreams”) with a volatile vocal style manning the helm for maximum crushing quality (“Nightfall”). Featuring an emphasis of thrash-laden death metal from the guitars (“The Tunnel”), Lahmia’s twin attack does a cohesive job of covering all the bases without sounding derivative while the band’s tempo switch-ups convey a Gothic metal vibe not unlike Cradle of Filth (“My Crown”). Durable and dependable, Lahmia showcases an affinity for following the shadowy side of the metal spectrum with the right amounts of dread and despair at their dispose. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS