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Comprised of two members of New Jersey stoner rock giants Monster Magnet, Riotgod definitely implements a fair share of the galactic rock and roll championed by Dave Wyndorf into its mix on the act’s sophomore effort INVISIBLE EMPIRE. But like their auspicious debut record, this band offers more than mere repeated blastoffs into the stratosphere, as grounding Page and Plant by way of Alice in Chains inspired acoustic numbers boldly display (“Gas Station Roses”). Fortified with a whole lot of grungy overtones via the likes of Soundgarden and divine desert rock heft (“Firebrand”) with a coat of hard rock bravado straight from the ‘70s (“Crossfade”), this quartet delivers an organically derived punch of pure rock ‘n roll bliss (“Tomorrow’s Today”) conveying the ineffable mystique from the greats of the hard rock realm (“Saving it Up”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS