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Xombie is a rap-metal band from NYC whose debut full-length offering entitled SWAGGERHOLIX zealously follows templates laid down by the likes of Limp Bizkit, Hed PE, and POD (“Fully Automatic”) with a fierce metal side popping up intermittently (“TerrorDactyl”). Enjoying the luxury of being fronted by a real deal MC whose smooth hip-hop flow and commandeering timber propels the group’s spirited yet somewhat dated style, this crew exhibits strong ties to the heavier side of nu metal while the rhymes spit out are accompanied by distressed screams every now and again. Despite Xombie self-professing its musical output as “hood metal”, this quintet’s impressive guitar work and bouncy bass and drum presence suggests otherwise, displaying an unexpected hard rock polish and a more carefree demeanor than expected from this type of hybrid band (“Power Smash”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS