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Australian technical metal unit Psycroptic return with their fifth studio effort, the nine-track album entitled THE INHERITED REPRESSION. Presenting a dizzying array of shredding guitar acrobatics and hectic rhythmic jolts courtesy of the Haley brother drum and six-string tandem (“The Throne of Kings”) while slathering shards of melody and viscous grooves on top (“The Sleepers Have Awoken”), Psycroptic’s breakneck bravado and clobbering heaviness combo packs quite the punch, especially when the bottom drops out and the band barrels through with death metal intensity (“Become the Cult”). While some may argue this veteran troupe has lost a step or two when it comes down to innovative songwriting, Psycroptic’s mauling musings are fully stocked with both the dazzling dexterity and unabashed aggression expected from this lauded squad (“Deprivation”). -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS