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Desert rock musicians banding together for a project isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept, yet the material left behind always seems to expose another layer or explore an overlooked path to further enlightens listeners. Such is the case with Ogressa and their 10-track affair WARTS AND ALL, a stoner rock smorgasbord of a release featuring musicians known both from the frontlines and behind the scenes such as Scott Reeder, Zach Huskey, and Trent Ramseyer. Ranging from sludgy and swampy with southern metal accents (“Mange”, “Cuts on My Scars”) to bounce-driven grooves (“The Boss”) to penchant acoustic dirges (“Sonoran Debris”), Ogressa captures every shade of the desert rock experience while shedding their own smoke-ridden and doom-laden aura over the proceedings, culminating in snarling and sinewy jams (“Animal Mask”) custom-made for the blacklight set to sink their claws into. –Mike SOS
- Mike SOS