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Ohio quartet Rue administers an amalgamation of stoner doom metal with sludgy and twisted predilections as documented on the unit’s 13-track endeavor THORNS. Downtuned and depraved, this act excavates the dastardly heaviness from the likes of confrontational units such as Sixty Watt Shamen, Raging Speedhorn, Buzzoven and Iron Monkey to create an impenetrable metallic foundation before liberally slathering the hellacious harshness of a cross between Down and High on Fire into their caustic mix to create a balance between melodic molasses and vaporized headbanging (“High Iron Blues”). Equipped with an ironclad rock ‘n roll spirit that hits the mark when steering clear of being plodding (“Storm and Sea”) while retaining a proper feel of dread and despair throughout (“Pressures”), Rue offers a mixed bag for fans of underground heavy music to appreciate but haven’t totally perfected the art of a unique execution well enough to break away from the pack far enough to stand out. Nonetheless, if you enjoy multifaceted sludge metal, Rue is worthy of attention.
- Mike SOS