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A mind-altering double bill of downtuned psychedelic sludge is delivered courtesy of a split effort by two of Philadelphia’s finest, Sadgiqacea and Grass. Up first is the duo Sadgiqacea (who have thoughtfully listed the phonetic breakdown of their name as SAD-JUH-KAY-SHA on their Bandcamp page) with two tracks of Isis meets Baroness by way of Minsk Hessian heft, complete with rollicking percussion, trippy interludes and scalding screams dripping with sludgy swagger (“Avianizer”). The quartet Grass comes next, doling out two tracks of similarly structured caustic chaos with a greater emphasis on creating atmospheric Neurosis-esque passages than their release-mates (“Future Ruins”) while implementing a host of influences from the aforementioned artists to round out their downtrodden sound and make this four-song, near 40-minute excursion worthy of the attention for fans of viscous viciousness.
- Mike SOS