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Maryland trio Hellpie patch the thunder of metal, the brazen attitude of punk, and the sinewy grooves of sludge together to comprise their latest offering INFERNAL SLICE. This 11-track excursion finds the band doing their part keeping the spirit of rock ‘n roll alive and well with both a bluesy swagger and a plethora of pedal to the metal hard rock nuances in their arsenal showcasing their broad comprehension of all things rock. Throw in a barrage of primal screams (“Foolish Mortals”) and a dash of psychedelic effects that meld the quirk of Melvins (“Lost for Words”) and the freewheeling nature of CKY and Every Time I Die (“One Good Feeling”) with the fury of hardcore punk (“$elfish”) and the slow crawl of doom (“OK, So Who Wants to Die”) to round out Hellpie’s hard rocking mission statement.
- Mike SOS