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Danish trio Rising channels a classic doom metal aura through a modern sludge-addled metallic mindset as heard on their 10-track affair TO SOLEMN ASH. Sharing a nimble fingered yet utterly gruff disposition with the likes of bands such as Baroness and Mastodon (“Heir to Flames”) with an underlying occult feel borrowed from bands like Ghost and Witchery (“Seven Riders”), this act leans on the wares of those they emulate a bit too much to be considered groundbreaking yet manages to dole out a colossal cache of heaviness that gets the job done nonetheless (“Passage”). Even though the strained vocal harmonies and sludge metal savagery combination this squad administers seemingly arrives direct from John Baizley’s cutting room outtakes, Rising boasts the incredible chops and songwriting savvy to serve up a powerful rendition that comes very close to achieving the glorious and provocative craftiness of their closest influences.
- Mike SOS