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Joel Grind has taken Toxic Holocaust from being a misanthropically metallic one-man band into a hulking seething trio as heard on the 10-track CONJURE AND COMMAND. Summoning the higher powers of the darker end of the metallic spectrum such as Venom, Mayhem, Slayer, and Kreator with a discernibly stripped down hybrid of thrash, black and punk metal spurring the assault (“The Liars are Burning”), Toxic Holocaust waste little time to deliver punchy melodies laden in raw heaviness while boasting a brevity where songs barely goes beyond the three minute mark yet obliterate everything in their path (“In the Depths (Of Your Mind)”). Toxic Holocaust may not be overly original or flashy, yet those who enjoy a knock down, drag out presentation of caustic chaos will heartily appreciate this album’s no frills nefarious nature.
- Mike SOS