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By increasing the levels of tried and true old school thrash metal into their metallic hardcore foundation, Long Island road warriors This is Hell return with an overhauled heaviness that adds a bruising new dimension to the band’s overall output. Juxtaposing the contagious crunch of Leeway, the in your face imminence of DRI and the majestic heft of Testament, this unit and their newfound affection for the Bay Area thrash metal scene convincingly hits the mark on their 10-track release BLACK MASS thanks to both the plethora of tasty guitar licks courtesy of band founder Rick Jiminez and the rhythm section’s rounds of rumbling ferocity. Providing a solid amalgamation of Madball, Trivium and Throwdown while retaining the rough and ready hardcore attitude necessary to keep crowds moving (“Black Mass”, “Acid Rain”), This is Hell successfully follow the template on how to create an aggressive crossover album chock full of vintage flair and modern mayhem.
- Mike SOS