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Silk Helvetika is a Philadelphia-based outfit whose retro ‘80s metal liberally borrows from bands like Krokus, Accept, and other heavy handed acts whose flashy fretwork and penchant for melody, coupled with brass ball deliveries, were all the rage back in the day. While tracks like “High on You” and “Skies” sound a bit dated in 2005, they still wield that classic metal crunch of a Dokken or Love/Hate tune that undeniably prods your hands to play some air guitar, while the obligatory ballad “September” sounds like a lost hair metal classic. The 15-track offering is passionately performed, and displays a killer low-end chug on tracks like “Swine” that makes the overall vibe of this self-titled release a bit more foreboding than most, making Silk Helvetika’s debut perhaps a few years too late, but worth it for those waiting for the revival.
- Mike SOS