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Since 1992, Swedish squad Lake of Tears have been cross-pollinating brooding hard rock and vintage extreme metal with to make a blend of heavy music that is unquestionably dark and experimental. The unitís latest 10-track endeavor ILLWILL continues the trend, as this veteran troupe crams Motorheadís punk metal snarl, Voivodís sideways metallic stance, WASPís anthemic gallop, Moonspellís haunting Goth metal, and The Hauntedís modern thrash approach with a smattering of left of center psychedelic nuances to create an album that runs the metal style gauntlet without unraveling at the seams. Showcasing a chameleon-like ability to effortlessly change their direction from death rock to doom metal with a bevy of melancholic melody, Lake of Tears provides a potpourri of heaviness proud of its robust diversity.
- Mike SOS