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Besides being a critically acclaimed outfit, Norway’s Leprous also have the distinction of being the band behind pioneering black metal musician Ihsahn (Emperor) when he takes his solo act on the road. BILATERAL is the quintet’s latest effort, an exhilarating progressive metal excursion with discernibly less angst but arguably just as much intensity as the unit’s side gig. Finding comfort between the smoothness of Porcupine Tree, the maniacal musical acumen of Dream Theater, the memorable melodic outpourings of Opeth and unorthodox metal deliveries inspired by Faith No More and Devin Townsend, Leprous produces a multi-textured menagerie of cleverly arranged modern metal with waves of rousing keyboard and soaring guitar complimenting the polyrhythmic complexities laid down with authority by the bass and drums while the lead vocal spryly guides the twists and turns through with form-fitted virulent vocal dramatics. BILATERAL is a worthy way to spend an hour, as this 10-track record boasts an exceptional blend of musical craftsmanship without neglecting basic songwriting principles to allow accessibility to a wide array of fans that enjoy the progressive and modern heavy music approaches.
- Mike SOS