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Continuing to project a sideways southwestern tinged approach in their vibrant and adventurous rock ‘n roll presentations, California troupe Totimoshi return with another 10-track potpourri of eclectic heaviness with AVENGER. Doling out a sludge addled hard rock bonanza (“Mainline”) with shaman-like spirituality at the core, these perennial road dogs’ latest offering includes an intriguing barrage of barroom blues (“Rose”), acid rock (“Waning Divine”), and desert metal (“The Fool”) yielding a wealth of primal bottom-end, innovative psychedelic guitar (“Leaves”) and uncompromising grittiness that allows Totimoshi’s critically lauded levels of enthusiastic expansiveness to ascend to greater heights while maintaining the raw and unorthodox style of hard rock that keeps them one of the underground scene’s most cherished entities.
- Mike SOS