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Kathy Pfaffl stands out in a sea of female voices, not so much for her voice, ironically enough. Essentially, it's because of her style, shown on her sophomore effort AS SHE STANDS. Her 10-track disc, a refreshing diversion from the trashy diva or eight-octave virtuoso we're accustomed to, remains one of the more poignant albums this side of Norah Jones. With influences that range from pop to rock to jazz, and (very importantly), recorded live without Pro Tools pitchshifting and studio manipulation, Kathy Pfaffl's delivery and artistic mindset would remind you of the subtleties of Carole King or Natalie Merchant. For a grounded, welcomed change of pace, let Kathy Pfaffl's AS SHE STANDS whisk you away to a time and a place where the female artist wasn't merely eye candy, but really mattered musically.
- Mike SOS