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Fresh off of their career-spanning previous offering, Italian underground metal squad Necrodeath have returned from the studio with IDIOSYNCRASY, a one-track, 40-minute metallic experience broken up into seven-parts. Armed with a vitriolic nature rivaling that of acts who possess half their tenure, this veteran unit disperses a venomous firestorm of blackened death metal with progressively minded intrigue and thrash metal imminence at the crux of their attack. Creating a realm where dastardly vocals dripping with demonic overtones and blistering percussion blasts reign supreme while driven by an authentic sense of demonic depravity that eagerly guides the endless supply of diabolical guitars and thunderous rhythms to the altar of evil, Necrodeath’s latest affair is the band’s most challenging and rewarding to date, bearing a broad appeal with the extreme metal chops that cross metallic boundaries with assured reverence.
- Mike SOS