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California death metal veterans Exhumed are back with a vitriolic vengeance as heard on their first studio album in eight years, the 11-track ALL GUTS, NO GLORY. Matt Harvey and company strip the grinding gore-laced death metal they helped pioneer down to its most primal form, summoning the power of Slayer and Carcass simultaneously to arrive to the heightened level of devastation songs like “Dis-Assembly Line” and “Your Funeral, My Feast” conveys. Serving up a more streamlined sense of melody than previous offerings with their savage grindcore tendencies locked on overload (“I Rot Within”), Exhumed features an abundance of rousing solos and buzzsaw riffs aplenty that expertly play off of a devious twin vocal bombardment that assists the sonic crush of this depraved offering to fully fracture your skull (“As Hammer to Anvil”).
- Mike SOS