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San Diego deathcore squad Pathology unleashes a bonanza of groove-oriented slamming riffs, gurgling vocals, and mechanical rhythms on the band’s latest endeavor AWAKEN TO THE SUFFERING. This 12-track collection features endless streams of completely unintelligible vocals that range from guttural growls to tortured shrieks where a lyric sheet is a must-have to follow what s being sung, truly creating a polarizing effect that is sure to turn off a good portion of listeners from the get-go. Throw in a hunk of leftover Suffocation and Six Feet Under (“Opposing Globalization”) riffage stuck in between clinically-sounding typewriter rhythms that all lead up to the almighty breakdown, a characteristic this outfit dispenses in droves and generally excels at, and you’ve got an idea of how this devastating quintet chooses to crush. Assaulting with a barrage of genre-redundant chugging rhythms and relentless percussion with little bits of melody thrown into the guitars for variation (“Humanity’s Cesspool”), Pathology demonstrate standard levels of brutality in a tight-knit presentation with little regard for much else.
- Mike SOS