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The Quill returns after a five-year hiatus with a new lead singer and a 13-track collection of hard rocking tunes with the aptly titled FULL CIRCLE. This Swedish troupe’s comeback finds the powerhouse unit continuing to heavily draw its sound from an amalgamation of both majestic hard rock of the 70’s and the as tough as nails 90’s metal sound (“Running”), striking a meaty middle ground where dynamic rhythms drive with a slightly-sleazy but always gratifying swagger (“White Flag”, “Bring It On”). Jam-packed with contagious hooks reminiscent of fellow countrymen The Hellacopters and adorned with the gritty riffs and soulful crooning expected from Soundgarden (“More Alive”), the latest installment from The Quill’s renders the outfit’s auspicious reemergence back into the hard rock realm.
- Mike SOS